Saturday, July 25, 2009

Local Hero Disproves Science, Kills Child

Carl Worthington, Oregon City native and believer in the power of prayer, was recently acquitted of manslaughter charges related to the death of his 15 month old daughter. Though the child developed an easily treatable cyst in her neck, her parents decided to forgo antibiotics and instead rely on anointing oil and that old pentecostal fire. When God felt it appropriate to bless her with a cold, the prayers continued, and eventually that blossomed into full fledged pneumonia, which was followed by full fledged death.

Crusaders Against "Big Science"

Though the jury decided to drop the Manslaughter charges, this brave soul was still found guilty of Criminal Mistreatment, which carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail. This is an outrage, obviously. This man literally just lost a child, and the secular progressives are going to send him to jail? Put that on top of the fact that he is a member of the Followers of Christ church, an organization which exposes any type of medical treatment for what it truly is: a satanic lack of faith in Jesus. This group experiences a child mortality rate 26 times higher than the sinful world around it. Haven't they already been through enough?

This hero and his wife, who has been blessed with a replacement pregnancy (Job 42:13), are part of an attack by a small minded minority of influential elites I like to call Big Science. These are the same heretical apostates which push ideas like vaccinations, blood donations, and world-hunger prevention on a public which would just like to leave well enough alone, cast the lots, and let God decide on what happens. He makes men cripples and blind for a reason, so that, as John 9 teaches, "the works of God should be made manifest in him." Every day I see Christians with crutches or glasses and it makes me sick. This lack of faith can be blamed for a lot in our generation.

In conclusion, let us pray other cases around the country help bolster this precedent of this case. If we aren't allowed to neglect our Children, who will?

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